2 Minute Gram Stain Technique

What is the benefit of using Gram Stain for cytology in clinic?

While Diff Quick is useful for identifying Malassezia and white blood cell types, it stains all bacteria the same colour – purple! Therefore, it can be hard to distinguish short rod shaped bacteria (bacilli) from round bacteria (cocci), as they will be the same colour, and a similar shape.

Gram Stain is useful for identifying different bacteria as it stains gram negative bacteria pink/orange and gram positive bacteria a dark blue/ purple. In dermatology, gram negative bacteria are almost always bacilli, and gram positive bacteria are almost always cocci. Therefore we can differentiate the shapes based on colour!

Knowing which bacteria are involved in skin and ear infections allows us to choose the correct treatment.

The Gram Stain technique we use here at Dermcare is simple and quick!


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