Brave dog of the week

There was some drama in the Dermcare family earlier this week when our clinic manager Jacki’s dog was involved in an altercation. Gizmo, a tri-coloured Pomeranian, was minding his own business at Jacki’s property when he was attacked by… a rat. Poor Gizmo, weighing in at 3kg (and most of this is fur) received two puncture marks to his medial right forelimb. The injury couldn’t have come at a worse time for Gizmo, who is due to compete at the National Agility Dog Trial next week in Durack. Thankfully, following a course of antibiotics and strict rest, Gizmo has now healed and is all set for the competition. He maintained a brave face throughout his ordeal. You can find Gizmo on Facebook at Gizmo Agility Pom.

PS. The rat didn’t make it.

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