Dermcare Staff Pet Spotlight

Meet Ruby Roo!

10 year old female Kelpie X Doberman

Ruby was an RSPCA rescue puppy. She was so skinny and tiny. We adopted her as an addition to our family and playmate to our big dog Jessie. Ruby got her name as our (then) preppy son told his class that he had a little sister called Ruby. There was no such thing, so naturally we named her Ruby, for him.

Ruby is best friends with our cat, Tinka, since Jessie passed. You’ll find them both staring out the door together, or in the kitchen waiting for a morsel of food.

Ruby is currently the face (and ears) for the Dermcare product “Otoflush” as she has such an expressive face when the camera is pointed at her. Ruby loves to go on camping holidays with us and explore the wild.

We love Aloveen Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve used it on all my dogs as it is gentle and cleansing of her sometimes dry skin. It keeps her coat soft and smells great, leaving no doggy smell until the next bath. The conditioner is great for in-between baths.