Dermcare’s Evening Seminar in Brisbane

Last night just under 100 Brisbane vets got together for a night of continuing education with Dermcare,

The topic of the evening was Canine Cushing’s Diease and Feline Hyperthyroidism. These are two of the leading endocrine disorders of the dog and the cat. Dermcare’s wonderful Technical Veterinarian Dr Susan Dwyer presented lots of information to the vets; including diagnostic techniques, treatment options and patient monitoring. Both diseases have options for management available to all veterinary practices, but each case varies and can be challenging at times.

It was a great opportunity to ask tricky questions and review difficult case studies with Dr Susan. We hope all of the vets enjoyed themselves and learnt a thing or two!

Many thanks to MODA events for the great venue and delicious food.


If you are concerned about your pet’s health in any way, we recommend you see your local veterinarian for the best advice.

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