Harvey’s 10th Birthday Party!

Harvey from Flinders View Veterinary Surgery (QLD), is one of our Clinic Cat of the Year 2016 nominees. He loves his food, his heat mat, his team of vets/ vet nurses, his food and his bed! Today, Flinders View Veterinary Surgery invited friends, family and clients to come in and celebrate Harvey’s 10th Birthday!

Harvey was adopted by Dr Andrew many years ago, and has travelled down to Tasmania and back. He has been a resident, and hard working team member, of the clinic since it opened in 2012- and is very loved by the team and clients alike!


There was chicken and salmon for Harvey, and lots of delicious human food for his guests! Harvey had a couple of friends to help him blow out the candles on his cake, and to support him in wearing his party hat (which he was THRILLED about)!

Sometimes, lots of people and unusual noises can be stressful for cats. However, Harvey was very well behaved at his birthday party, and even let Emma have a cuddle!


rom the whole team at Dermcare- Happy Birthday Harvey!!You can find out more about Dermcare Clinic Cat of the Year 2016 at http://dermcare.com.au/Dermcare-Clinic-Cat-of-the-Year/2016