The Dermcare team visits Soi Dog

Last week a team of seven nurses and one vet from Dermcare flew to Thailand to visit Soi Dog Foundation. The foundation is based in Phuket, but has mobile units throughout Thailand, and rescue many pets from the dog meat trade in north Thailand.

The team took over donations for the animal hospital, and were lucky enough to get a tour of both the shelter and their new hospital facility. Soi Dog has a vaccination and desexing program, which has led to Phuket being rabies free and over 80% of the street dogs there are now desexed. The foundation is run entirely on donations, and rehomes 90% of their adoption animals overseas.

Our team spent their time at Soi Dog washing the ‘Old Age Pensioners’, examining tricky skin cases and socialising both the rescue dogs and cats. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and a few can’t wait to head back and volunteer again one day.

Like the sound of donating or volunteering? To find out more about the great work that Soi Dog does throughout Thailand, and their rehoming of animals all over the world- visit