Tips for Bathing Your New Puppy

Congratulations on becoming a pet parent! We all want to provide the best care for our pets, so here are a few tips for bathing your new puppy.

  • Choose a gentle, hypoallergenic shampoo which is specifically designed for pets. Natural Shampoo is an ideal choice for puppies and kittens. It does not contain soap and is pH balanced for your pet’s skin and coat.
  • Introduce your puppy to bathing early in life. This will not only keep your pet’s skin and coat clean and healthy but can also act as a training tool. Bathing helps your puppy become familiar and comfortable with being handled. While massaging shampoo or conditioner into the coat, you can gently palpate the feet and nails, lift the tail and touch the muzzle and the ears. This will help to reduce anxiety associated with grooming and veterinary examinations.
  • Running water may be daunting for a puppy. Bathing in a bath or a sink (make sure to place a mat on the bottom so it isn’t slippery) is often better received when initially introducing your puppy to baths.
  • Make sure they remain warm. Puppies have more difficulty regulating their body temperature compared to adult dogs. Use body temperature water (not too hot or too cold) and make sure they are thoroughly dried after a bath.
  • Take care when bathing around the face. A damp cloth can be used to minimise the risk of getting shampoo in the nose, eyes and mouth.
  • Always positively reinforce your puppy before, during and after a bath. This can be achieved by providing treats or distracting them with their favourite toy.

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