Using Natural Shampoo on your Puppy!

What shampoo can I use on my puppy?

Christmas time is an exciting time for many, but can be especially exciting for those who choose now to add a furry, four-legged baby to the family!

Owning a puppy is a fun challenge; one which often brings an overwhelming amount of advice from everyone and everyone. Your local Veterinary clinic is a great source of reliable information, and staff there are happy to give advice on everything you will need to know.

Which food is the best choice, toilet training, what vaccinations are needed and which flea and worming products will suit your new puppy? Puppy preschool is a great place to get all this information, and socialise your puppy! Contact your local veterinary clinic to see if they offer this service.

Most owners like their puppies to smell and look clean and fresh, no matter how old they are! It is important to use a safe and effective shampoo on dogs, as there are a few ingredients and products that should never contact a dogs skin or fur.

These include:

  • Wool Mix
    • Soap Laundry detergents may have harsh acidic or alkaline pH detergents designed to remove grease, they also have bleaches to remove stains and brighten colors.
  • Tea Tree Formulations
    • Tea tree is poisonous, containing turpines and irritants and should not be used to bathe your animals.
  • Human Shampoos
  • Sunlight

So, what shampoos are safe for use on your new puppy?

All of Dermcare’s shampoos are safe for use on dogs. If your puppy has irritated or abnormal skin, consult your veterinarian for their recommendations on our range of medicated shampoos.

For a puppy with normal, healthy skin- Dermcare recommends using Natural Shampoo.

Natural Shampoo

  • A gentle cleansing, hypoallergenic shampoo
  •  Soap free & pH balanced
  •  Suitable for use in conjunction with flea rinses and  spot-on flea treatments
  •  Has a coconut smell
  •  Suitable for dogs of any age

Using a conditioner after shampooing will moisturize your puppy’s skin, and help to detangle the fur. We recommend using the Aloveen leave-in conditioner after bathing your puppy with Natural Shampoo.