Why Is My Dog Itchy?

Itchy skin is a common presenting complaint in veterinary medicine. It can be very frustrating to manage and can impact the human-animal bond.

Persistent scratching can traumatise the skin leading to inflammation and an increased risk of secondary infections. Itching in dogs can present as scratching, chewing, licking and/or rubbing. There are many possible causes of itching in dogs, including allergic skin diseases, parasites (e.g. fleas and mites) and bacterial or fungal skin infections.

A thorough history will help narrow down the differential diagnosis list. For example, environmental allergies are usually seasonal, whereas food allergies are non-seasonal. Your veterinarian will perform a physical examination and make a diagnostic plan based on these findings. Identifying the underlying cause will allow a treatment plan to be tailored to your pet. A cure is not always possible and sometimes a long-term management plan is required to keep your pet comfortable.

If you are concerned your dog may be suffering with itchy skin, contact your veterinarian to organise a consultation.

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