Winners of the Pyohex Challenge

Thank you to all vets who recently took part in our Pyohex Challenge, and used Pyohex Medicated Conditioner in conjunction with medicated shampoo for their dermatology cases.

Pyohex Medicated Conditioner not only provides moisturisation to the skin and fur after bathing, but provides antibacterial action on the fur for 14 days.  Vets who had not previously used the product were very happy with the results in their patients, seeing faster recovery times from skin lesions and improved skin and coat quality.

The following vets provided the most detailed case feedback and will receive a Magnifi iPhone attachment to help take cytology pictures down the microscope.

Dr Ashleigh Long
Thornbury Veterinary Hospital

Dr Marilyn McKenzie
Baulkham Hills Veterinary Hospital

Dr Catherine Fitzgerald
Rochedale Veterinary Clinic