Our Staff

William Miao

MSc Pharm. Chem. (Sydney), PhD Nat. Prod. Chem. (Griffith)
R&B Chemist

William has been an analytical chemist in quality control labs in diverse industries for decades. Inspired by the curiosity in medicinal plants, and benefited from his chromatographic skills, he has dedicated himself into the isolation of elite chemicals for drug candidates from Queensland’s rainforest plants and Chinese medicinal herbs.

At Dermcare William specialises in analysing chemical components, providing quality control services to support manufacturing, as well as supporting new medicine development. However, he firmly believes that the quality of products is not from testing, but an outcome of total quality management.

William loves his Border Collie, Coffee. When he joined Dermcare, he was thrilled to find the passions the team has for companion pets, and indeed the efforts in developing quality dermatology medicines.